Arches & Columns


Larger balloon options for when you want to make an impact.


String of Pearls

One of our most requested specialty balloon designs. They make any entrance feel magical, or give a room that 'wow!' factor. Can be made in a wide range of colours and sizes to suit any occasion.

Combine two of them to form a crossover - works really well over a dancefloor!

Crossover with ColumnsCrossover with ColumnsBlack CrossoverBlack CrossoverColourful String of PearlsColourful String of PearlsPot of Gold String of PearlsPot of Gold String of PearlsString of Pearls with NumbersString of Pearls with NumbersBlack & White CrossoverBlack & White CrossoverPurple & Gold CrossoverPurple & Gold CrossoverRainbow on CloudsRainbow on Clouds007 Gift Table007 Gift TableBridal Entrance 2Bridal Entrance 2Large Dancefloor CrossoverLarge Dancefloor CrossoverSchool Gym GraduationSchool Gym GraduationTropical Entrance Tropical Entrance Giant Rainbow CrossoverGiant Rainbow CrossoverParty CrossoverParty CrossoverSmall Dancefloor CrossoverSmall Dancefloor Crossover
Bridal EntranceBridal Entrance




Create a focal point! Available in a variety of sizes and styles, arches can be used at an entrance, over a display or table, or simply to highlight your presence.

Any measurements mentioned in the captions refer to the length of the curve.

Columns + String of PearlsColumns + String of Pearls6m Classic Curved Spiral Arch6m Classic Curved Spiral Arch4m Classic with 12cm Balloons4m Classic with 12cm Balloons4m Spiral Arch4m Spiral ArchColumns + String of PearlsColumns + String of PearlsColumns + String of PearlsColumns + String of Pearls8m Spiral Arch8m Spiral Arch6m Spiral Arch6m Spiral Arch8m Spiral Arch8m Spiral Arch6m One Line Spiral Arch6m One Line Spiral Arch8m Spiral Arch8m Spiral Arch6m Arch6m Arch8m Spiral Arch - 30cm & 12cm Balloons8m Spiral Arch - 30cm & 12cm Balloons4m Rainbow Arch4m Rainbow Arch6m Single Colour Arch6m Single Colour ArchGold 50 Moon ArchGold 50 Moon Arch4m Spiral Arch4m Spiral ArchTurquoise Moon ArchTurquoise Moon Arch6m Spiral Arch6m Spiral Arch8m Spiral Arch8m Spiral Arch3m Spiral Arch3m Spiral ArchWedding Moon ArchWedding Moon Arch4m Spiral Arch4m Spiral ArchExtra Large Moon ArchExtra Large Moon Arch
6m Spiral Arch6m Spiral Arch




Can be opulent or fun - add some substance to your balloon decor!

Soccer Ball ColumnsSoccer Ball ColumnsSpiral ColumnsSpiral ColumnsColourful Ornate ColumnColourful Ornate ColumnTall ColumnsTall ColumnsStar ColumnsStar ColumnsHorse ColumnHorse ColumnBirthday ColumnBirthday ColumnSpiral ColumnsSpiral ColumnsTall ColumnsTall ColumnsNumber ColumnsNumber ColumnsGold & Silver 60thGold & Silver 60thNumber ColumnsNumber ColumnsSquiggle ColumnSquiggle ColumnSquiggle ColumnSquiggle ColumnNumber ColumnsNumber ColumnsNumber ColumnsNumber ColumnsSquiggle ColumnsSquiggle ColumnsHeart ColumnHeart ColumnGumball ColumnsGumball Columns
Gumball ColumnsGumball Columns

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