Will You Fill My Balloons?

Very often we are asked to fill up balloons that weren't purchased from our shop with helium.

The short answer is no, we won't fill latex and/or confetti balloons, however we will fill your foil balloons if we think they'll be ok.

One exception though is we will fill corporate branded latex balloons if they have been supplied by a reputable balloon printer.

Example of poor quality super market balloons

The reason? Many latex balloons sold online or at non-balloon/party outlets are poor quality, may be too old, or not suitable for helium filling. We do not have the time to assess brands we haven't seen before and do not desire to clean up burst confetti balloons.

We also need to manage expectations, and do not want to be responsible for the disappointment incurred if we attempt to inflate something that is not up to standard.

Thanks for understanding.

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